Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Return

Hello, World!! I am excited now! Can you tell? I knew you could, World. Do you know why I'm excited? Well, I just beat a nasty computer virus called "XP ANTIVIRUS PRO into submission; it had been attacking my computer since Friday. Don't know how I got it; I've NEVER caught a computer virus before but I deal with them on a regular basis. I did mention that I rebuild computers as well? Probably didn't. More tomorrow World! BTW: Be ready for a post-fest!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Late Night Thoughts

Hello, World. I usually don't get a chance to write this late, and have access to the 'Net at the same time, but this is one of those rare occasions that I have such a chance and I plan to take advantage. With that said, here's my thoughts for this late Monday night: nothing. I don't have a thing to say. I know I know,"then why am I blogging now?" The answer is why not start blogging now, I haven't been doing much of it at all lately and if I'm finna make this thang work I gotta start putting in more input, feel me. Of course there's things on my mine other than the usually life, bills, and the like, but now aint the time nor the place. I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you, World, and all the beautiful people in it. See World, didn't I tell you I was changing? I didn't call none of your ugly ass people stupid. I wasn't disrespectful in the least. OK, but you do see I'm trying to change, right World? I told you so.