Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Hello, WORLD!! Smokkee here again. I know, I know ♫It's been a long time....♪, LOL. Yeah it has. If you'll recall, I told you in one of the last post I wrote, I got this goal to be in position to quit my job on December 1st 2013 which is rapidly approaching. Too quick for my taste but hey, it is what it is. I gotta be honest now: I'm no closer to that goal then when I wrote that post. Why? Well, the truth is I've been distracted by my arch nemesis, pop culture!!

It's no secret that I'm a movie buff (BTW: Thanks for making SmokkeScreenings + my most read blog!!) but I used to be equally hooked on video games, music, and TV shows, especially the longest running TV sitcom in history, The Simpsons. I've made it a habit to not be around video games for any real period of time because of my competitive nature even going as far as not installing games on my phone but c'mon man, who doesn't like The Simpsons? Right. So when I heard they had a game app I downloaded it and been playing it religiously every since. Which reminds me....sorry, I had to check on my Springfield.

What was I saying? Oh yeah. Since I started playing that app, called The Simpsons: Tapped Out, my pop culture defenses went down quick. That led to me catching up on all the episodes I missed and
My biggest distraction this year just got this Krustyland update.
all the ones I've seen 100 times, nevermind the fact that there's over 500 episodes. And that led to me looking for other great shows on TV which, thanks to all the ado on Twitter and FB, wound up getting me hooked one of AMC's fantastic shows, Breaking Bad. Yes I know it's at The End. Still, I'm hooked. Add CBS' Under The Dome and FX's The Bridge to list of new current faves too. And let's not talk about video games. My no-game-app rule is a thing of the past too. I gave in to Candy Crush lust and now I'm sitting here drooling at the thought of getting that new PS4 as soon as it comes out!

 Then a habit that I thought I kicked a long time ago reared it's ugly head again. I was a comic book head like mofo, LOL. I thought I'd never pick up another comic book but then Marvel decided to kill off my favorite superhero of all time, Spider-Man. Not just kill him: his body is still going but Dr Otto Octavius aka Dr Octopus switched bodies with Peter Parker...right while his body was dying. I know it sounds dark but I'll be damned if it ain't the most interesting thing I've read all year even though I FINALLY read 50 Shades Of Grey this year too. Oh, BTW: I dont get all the ado over 50SoG now that I ready it. Sorry. Christian was just an extreme control freak. Who doesn't know one of them?

And my rap radar went into overdrive for the first time in years!! New Kanye AND new Hov?? I had to get 'em! I'm still bumping J Cole's 1st album too and here he comes with another album! Still hooked on Childish Gambino's playful verses from his album 'Camp' and his 'Royalty' mixtape. And Kendrick Lamar just maqde
Pretty much what just happened.
sure I'mma gonna go into Hip Hop overload when he just threw down the gauntlet against, well, EVERY rapper out right now on Big Sean's single Control, which for some reason did NOT make his next album Hall Of Fame. My guess is he would hated to be outshined the whole album based upon K Dot's lone verse. I bet I'm right too.    

But as we near September and my deadline gets closer and closer, I gotta try to get the best of pop culture by not letting it distract me from what I know needs to be done. I know what I must do and I'm so on it right now. Won't nothing else distract me from finishin... Holy Shit!! I almost forgot my NFL Fantasy League's Draft night is today!! Let me get on that real quick. Later WORLD!