Friday, January 27, 2012

Embracing Imperfections: Will My Biggest Flaw Be My Downfall?

Hello, WORLD!! Smokkee Singleton here. Yall know who I am right? A blogger who's just now getting in the groove with his blogs as well as an author who's first book will be out somewhere between the summers of 2012-2013. In the meantime, with the blog money coming in but not enough to support my family, how do I earn a living? I got a job. Well, I got a job for now. I just signed some this notice that went around to all of my coworkers & me regarding being absence. I signed it & moved on. I'm like an iron man; unless I'm not able to move period, I don't miss work. Then I find out it wasn't just about absences... it also was refering to tardiness. Now I know I'm not a perfect person. I don't pretend to be even if I strive for it. You'll never be perfect but why not aim for perfection, right? I even know what most of my flaws are. My biggest flaw is I am not an on time person. Right now, I don't have a car & depending on the CTA here in Chicago is hit or miss. Anyway, the noticed says that 4 "absences" (read: absences or tardies) equal 1 occurance and 4 occurances... well, yada yada yada. I won't not try to get to work on time. I've never tried to be late on purpose (who do that stupid shit?) but to say that I'll not get an occurance, probably before 1-2 weeks past would be overly optimistic. My point: if you know what you're flaws are, try to polish them a lil bit. It doesn't hurt anybody none trying to better themselves. If I can't polish this flaw of mine, I'll only be self employed way before I'm able to support myself like that. That's it for now WORLD. I'll definitely keep you posted on this.


Hello, WORLD!! Smokkee here. Still a little geeked over the increased readership of my blogs, thanks to the building interest in my SMOKKEE'S WORLD 101 blog and I'd like to use this opportunity to thank all of y'all that's tuned in so far & welcome all the new readers. Hopefully, y'all also tune in to my SMOKKEE'S WORLD FAVORITES blog for reviews on just about everything as well. With that out of the way, let me get on with this present post. I'm disconnected again, cell phone wise. I added my BM & her son to my plan with US Cellular & my bill has been ridiculously high. Like $751 ridiculous. Well, what can you do? I hate not having my main line on but it'll be back on in no time. It was more I wanted to say here but I just got totally distracted by some bad news. That post will be coming up immediately after this one.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

COMING SOON by Smokkee Singleton (A Preview)

Hello, WORLD! Smokkee here, naturally. This year, my main concern has been posting my 101 Goals on my other blog, SMOKKEE'S WORLD 101. One of my goals is to write a book of short stories. It dawned on me that maybe you can help motivate me, or maybe you can help my writing by offering honest criticism. Either or is cool with me. I love to write human nature stories. Here's a preview of my first attempt at horror, though it does stick to my MO of human nature writing. Let me know what you guys think, OK? Thanks WORLD!! I knew I could count on you. **************************************************************************************************************** COMING SOON by Smokkee Singleton "The following preview is rated PG-13" "Angel, they're showing another preview to that movie you're stuck on again. Probably still not gonna get any actual preview." Greg bellowed. Stacy came gliding into the room even though she was sure Greg was right; she wouldn't be getting any better an idea what NO ONE KNOWS was about. The highly touted horror movie that was shrouded in such secrecy that ironically, or maybe not, no one besides probably the people who made this movie knows exactly what this movie is about. The previews so far have only had the director, Quincy Reyes, talking about this movie. Not one preview had shown any clips from this movie. It didn't matter anyway. Stacy had her mind set on seeing this movie anyway. Maybe this one would be different but Stacy wasn't holding her breath. So far, not so much. This commercial started with the director wearing the exact same suit as he had previously wore in the commercials. In the same room and he was sitting on the same desk, more than likely a library based on all the books on the shelves in the background. "Hello, horror fans," the preview began, "I'm Quincy Reyes, but you'll come to call me the director that scared the crap out of you. I bet you're wondering why I chose not to fill you guys in on my newest film, NO ONE KNOWS. The absolute truth is if you DID have a clue, you'd avoid this movie like it was the grim reaper himself." "Man, get the fu.." Greg started to mumble incredulously before Stacy hushed him quite. She had a feeling this preview would be different. "For some of you, it just might be" the seated man continued on TV. "Vincent Price imitating ass..."Greg added before getting shushed again. Quincy rose from the desk he had been sitting on in the commercial as he continued to speaking. "IF, and I can not stress enough that you DO have a choice in whether or not you watch this movie, IF you do decide to watch this film, I am not responsible for the consequences." "Fuck!! It's just like the other commercials!" Stacy chimed, looking at Greg in such a way that he very wisely didn't return her "Shush" like he had intended. "Consequences may include the following" Quincy said as he waved his hand like a seasoned magician toward a blank screen that sudden didn't look so blank. Almost in unison, Stacy and Greg said "Aw, shit!!!!!" The images that flashed across the screen were of pure mayhem but only a little was discernible. Of the clear images, people scattering all over the place was one of the only images that lasted longer than 2 seconds. There was also a woman who was screaming at the top of her lungs with a man mere seconds away from silencing that, and her, with what appears to be a some kind of metal rod. The rest of the scenes just showed flashes of bloodied people. The scene went back to Reyes, a full shot showing off his tailor made tuxedo. The impeccably dressed man simple added "See you soon, right?" Greg already knew what his wife was about to do, but he wasn't expecting the scream that came before she reached across him to grab her cell phone and call up her buddy Anna to chat about the new movie.