Monday, June 28, 2010

A Month Without a Cellphone (& Why This Has Been A Good Thing)

Hello, WORLD!!! WORLD before I go into this post, I just like to make an announcement of sorts that the S'sWP Blog will now be the exclusive website for all updates about my life. I will keep Blog updates flowing to both Facebook (which I mainly use for more exposure) & Twitter (where I mainly rift off of current events)but will very rarely update any personal info about me and my personal life on either one of them. Too much drama on Facebook lately and no place for getting personal on Twitter (which I would LOVE to keep that way!). Anywho... On with today's update********************************************************************************
WORLD, if you know anything about me, you know I am not a big fan of phone conversations. Why? Because I work on a phone all day long. Even as I type this, a client has me on hold. I do customer service for Comet Messenger Service from 8a-6p, 5 days a week. This is 50 hours of work a week which consist of at least 35 hours of the workweek on the phone. Not that I have a problem doing that or my job; I'm good at what I do and I have no problem working hard at all. The thing is when I get off work I am in no mood to talk to anybody unless we're talking about my kids. Most of my female friends know this as well as my address & the fact that after work, I usually head straight home tired until I need, *ahem*, "energy". I mentioned I do customer service for Comet, which I had done as a biker from 2003 to 2005, as a biker/office assistant for mid 2005 to early 2006, and as a full fledged office administration from that time in early 2006 to May, 2010, when I switched jobs (Actually I covered the change in earlier posts All GOOD THINGS & in detail w/ Goode N BIZZEE!!), I still in effect work for Comet but at least 35 other Courier companies as well. Anyway, I had my same cell phone number since 2004 because my working for Comet entitled me to my own phone for necessary communications w/drivers and bikers. Since I no longer work for Comet, I am no longer entitled to a phone. No problem here. The problem lies in the fact that I DO need a phone, so that my children can call me anytime they want to and my family can check up on me. Of course, getting a phone these days is as easy as getting a credit card in every sense of the analogy. If you got good credit, you can get one on credit. If not, your best option is pay as you go, but it's not your only option. With some companies that offer contracts, you can put a deposit (which you get back after a grace period) down and still get the contract plan instead of a PAYG plan, which will save you money in the long run. I could go the PAYG route except for one small problem: I want the iPhone 4! Why the iPhone 4 when so many other phones are available without the deposit? Because it is the phone I want. If you know anything about me, you should know I gets what I want instead of settling for less and I will go without whatever until I get the one I want. Anyway,as you might already know, my credit is fucked up due to student loans, various credit cards, medical bills, etc (and my lack of paying these bills back in a timely fashion), & among the etc is a $500 debt to AT&T, the only carrier that offers any type of iPhone. (BTW: All of my debts, and the efforts to pay them back, will be exposed to the WORLD in a brand new blog, SMOKKEE's BIG PAYBACK). So with that said, I must pay a $750 deposit plus the price of the phone, which will cost me $1100 total. WORLD, I am in position to get this phone if not this week or next then definitely in 2 weeks from this coming Friday, after I take care of rent.
***What's good in the meantime? The fact that I've went a month without a phone has reprogrammed my thinking. Before cellphones were the norm, I remembered every phone number I needed I needed to. Now, the only numbers I remember by heart are my BM's, my eldest daughter's, and 1 of my closest buddies, who sells weed. This are the only numbers I need for now but it makes one wonder why I dont know more. I think it's because we are spoiled by the fact that cellphones remember numbers for us and even if we lose the cellphone, most update info to an online site where you can retrieve every little nugget of information stored on the cellphone that was lost for easy replacement. WORLD, that makes us lazy and I would still be in that mode if not for the situation I found myself in. Whatever, WORLD. I know alot of yall like "that's TOO much for a phone" or "you're stupid! Just pay ya damn bills on time and get credit later for it!" and I know to a certain extent yall right. But when have I ever listened to any drumbeat besides that of my own heart? Answer that one and I might remember YOUR phone number as well. Until then, I'll be vocal in less than 4 weeks, so you won't be missing my voice much longer.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Testing Smokkee's WORLD Twitter Page!

Hello WORLD! No update here; move along to the next post if that's what ya here for (of course, that's what you're here for!) Actually this is a MAJOR annoucement of sorts: Most of yall already know ya can find me on Twitter & Facebook (Twitter as @SmokkeBizzee, Facebook as Smokkee Singleton), but now you can find my Blog updates to on Twitter!! Follow @SmokkeeWORLD for all my latest Blog posts. That's it fa now WORLD, but aint that enough?

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Next Phase Of Smokkee's WORLD

Hello WORLD!! As you know, there are already 3 Planets (Read: Blogs) in my WORLD all ready. I'm pleased to announce the next Planets are on the way! Smokkee's BIG PAYBACK is probably going to be up and running by the end of June. SBP is the main one that I wont have to write; it will write itself! It's all about my efforts to get out of debt, some of which goes back some YEARS. I'm not really excited about it because it means having to collect all of my bills, contact creditors, etc, but if me doing it can help anybody else do it, it helps me get one step closer to crossing off one of my 101 goals: helping 10 people get out of debt/better credit score. I don't even think I posted that goal yet, but it's definitely on there. Besides that, I'll also offer advice and tips on everything financial and how to be more frugal or more wiser with your money. The next Planet on the horizon is Smokkee's WORLD Sports. This was a no-brainer: I'm a sports nut that hangs with nothing but sports nuts and we talk sports all day long. I figured why not let you in on our conversations. The beautiful part of sports is everybody has an opinion and most sports fans listen to everybody's opinion before ripping into it!! I can't wait!! Should be up by the middle of July. Finally, the last Planet in my WORLD will be Smokkee's World News, and it is exactly what it sounds like: me and my teams takes and views on the news of that day. Once that last Planet is revolving then the next phase after that is to move all of them from under Blogger (which has been nothing but nice, no problems at all)to my own domain (another 101 goal). I have no time frame on that, WORLD but I will keep you posted, as always. Side-note: Smokkee's World Prime & Smokkee's WORLD 101 are all SMOKKEE all the time and will stay that way until I am no more. Smokkee's BIG PAYBACK will be mostly me but I figure to have a couple of people that are in debt as well post there efforts to get out of debt right along with me so I have no idea on how much they will be posting. Smokkee's WORLD Favorites (currently up & running & ran by yours truly alone) & Smokkee's World of Sports will have other writers posting, some probably more than me. That's all for now WORLD, but for reasons I don't think I touched on yet, like my upcoming book releases, we got WAAAAAYY more stuff to cover. I'll keep ya posted,WORLD like always.

A Smokkee's WORLD 101 Update

Hello WORLD!! It feels good ta blog in capitol letters again this week; I almost wanted to type in ALL CAPS ALL WEEK but nixed the idea. Anyway, I only did it for a week to honor Gary Coleman, who died to Friday's ago from a brain hemorrhage. Now back to normal. NOW back to BIZZness. WHATs GOOD WORLD: I've been slacking on my blogs lately,none more so than WORLD 101, the blog that covers all of the things I want accomplished before I pass. What's the hold up, you ask? Trying to figure out what's most important to what I'm trying to do is harder than I thought. I honestly got more than 101 goals but picking the ones I'm ready to put on this blog is damn near impossible. But I'm almost through though and I figure to have the finally 101 goals that's most important to me posted by the end of July. At least that's the plan for now, WORLD. Wish me luck!

Friday, June 4, 2010

status update, facebook style.

evening, world!! nothing new to report her. i just wanted to say that i'm outta here. finna go treat my favorite 3 year old like the princess she is til sunday when my baby girl makes 4! DAD LOVES YOU ADRIA!! world, you aight too!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

nom myoyo renge keyhoe

what it do world! once again this week all posts and blog updates are in small letters ta honor gary coleman, who died at the age of 42 last week. feel this, though world. i got one thing ta say before i get bizzee tamorrow: idk what is going through a lot of people heads, whether it's personal or financial or whatever, but trying to get mad at me over some shit i aint got shit to do with is fucking stupid and very unsafe! i'm trying to be nice, but it's real hard doing so when a mutha fucka think it's sweet when it really aint. especially at work! and if i got to, i'm about to crack one of the drivers right up side his damn head and i'll be unable to finish this blog, which aint even the origianl post i had in mine, but because this punk ass, fat ass driver think i gotta stop doing what i'm doing so i can make his job easier while i'm doing my jobs (note jobs is plural). is fucking nuts and even more nuts because i can get up and crack this brahs dome wide open right now and not give a fuck! i got mine, even if i lose my job. i still got my own. and my supervisor/youngest child's grandmother, who use to cause me all kind of problems up here, can't cause me no pain or stress right now; that doesn't mean that my job has become stress free because this bitch ass dude wanna still make shit rough for me. whatever, world. i done calmed down now, thanks for listening. i promise i'll have a better fucking attitude tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

who am i?

hello, world!! in case you're wondering why all of a sudden i'm not using capitol letters this week, it's to honor the memory of another fallen tv land icon, gary coleman of different strokes fame, who died last week at the age of 42. i grew up watching that show, of course, then watching the problems, the breakdowns and ongoing legal problems of the former child star. what's sad is that he probably gets remembered more for the drama of his life then his career as an actor. sad but true. which got me to thinking about my own demise. what? like yall haven't thought about your own. how you are remembered is based on how you lived and i'd like to think that for all the dirt i've done as a young adult, i've almost paid back society with a lot of good i've done since the age of 25. i'm more than certain that it's an alomst as of now but check back with me in a few years. with that said, i know what needs to be done and lord willing, i will try to make up for all the other bad stuff i've done with good deeds throughout the rest of my life.
while this is all well and good, it has brought up a dilemma. how exactly do i want to be remembered? do i want to be remembered as the geek from grammar school i once was, as a teenage delinquent i grew to be, the 20 year old dreamer i was until 5 years ago or my current incarnation, a 35 year old man that has just realized one of his life long goals (journalism) and has prioritized his life's other goals and dreams with the thought that just maybe somebody could learn from my experience, my travels, etc? and even more important than that, what about the legacy of the man of which i still haven't became yet? how will he leave his mark on a world that is already mark-filled? only time will tell, but that's the good thing about time: as long as you have a little you can do a lot. we'll see world. we'll see.