Monday, January 25, 2010

Life after Income Tax Return Offset

Hello again, World. I've been thinking about what this blog is really about & I've decided that Smokkee's World Prime is about my life & the people in it and how I do what I can to make me a better person (and in the process, HOPEFULLY some of my readers will do the same, and in general, make you, World, a better place for everybody. That is my mission with this blog.
With that said, I need to get started. The number one area I fill I need improvement on is my debt. I owe almost everybody! I realized that my debt has been out of hand for years & I've paid back various companies I have owed money to but I need to not owe anybody within, say, two to three years. That is my goal. I can't afford to have my dream derailed when I'm thisclose (actually ctlhoisse, if you catch my drift)to achieving it.
My dream: I have been blessed with the talent of communication. I can write & I can flow (lyrically speaking) & I do a little poetry as well. I'm also a good source of information: most of my friends who need to know somethng blow up my phone first. The thing is I'm 35 in less than a month; I can & will bring out a rap album but it is only for my sake. I've dedicated most of my life to this art form; I gotta do something with it, even if only for my sake. I dont care how many albums I sale; I just wanna be heard. Now, I do have reasons why I never fully pursue'd my dream but they are neither here nor there. What I can do is make sure the next MC who is trying to be can have all the opportunities I didn't. Which is why I'm going to open BLOWN BACK Lounges all over the USA, starting in Chicago first of course. By 2011, the first one will be up and running. Yall have my word, World. Be looking out!

Tax Time Blues

Hello World. I know I was quiet last week, sorta. I actually wasn't considering I finally got my review blog, Smokkee's World Favorites, up and running. Yet I didn't post much on the Prime blog because I was distracted. No not by Facebook this time but by my money. I filed income tax last week w/my youngest babies' mama Tanya & we got a grand total of $7000.00 sumthing back after filing....$7,000.00 which we never saw. Before I had a chance to even figure out what we would do with it, a student loan decided it was time to go into default and derailed any chances of seeing a dime of the refund. It was maddening then it got worse: student loans also ate up Tanya's taxes too! This is enough to push anybody over the edge.....except me of course. True, I was down for about 24 hours due to this bit of information but I was never quite out. I took it in stride; I was mad more for the fact that the things I wanted to do for my children would have to be delayed & the fact that what I happened to have planned for my birthday next month would be canceled, period, for the sake of my children. I can wait; my children can't, bottom line.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Now Hiring In Chicago

Hello, World. It's rough out here, World. I'm working a decent paying job AND just starting my own businesses AND I'm still hustling, most of the time I'm doing @ least 2 outta 3 at a time on top of that, & it's still not enough. I aint complaining at all; if you know what I went through.... Anyway, here's an update with links on all the spots that are hiring in Chicago, Il. that I am aware of. Good Luck and i I was instrumental in some way, please leave feedback or comments; it feels good to be appreciated, you know.

What a surprise: Facebook is hiring! Check out: (BTW: If anybody gets in here, please get them to add that damn Dislike button for real!)

Sears Holdings:

Everybody needs insurance, in one form or another. Help out your fellow man/woman as an Allstate agent. Check this out:

Pitney Bowes ( I know a LOT of people who work for this powerhouse company! ). Check it here:

Kraft Foods SAY they are hiring.... IDK about this one, yall. If I remember correctly, I think Kraft is (or was now,meaybe) trying to buy the Cadbury Candy Co.; it might have put a halt to the hiring process. At any rate, check it out:

And finally, I just had to post the first job I ever had up her. UPS. Yeah, I know right, but hey its a job. And they hiring in Chicago. Check it out:

GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hey Young World.

hello World. Today, if you have been living under a rock, is MLK day. Please use today to educate yourselves on exactly what his legacy represents. Then go a step further; research the rest of the pioneers to African American libration. You'll be surprised how many more contributed besides Dr King.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Posting on my Facebook Page...WTF!??!!?! RanTinGs&ravINgS

WTF?!?!?! FILES Update:
Ok, I'm finna catch hell for this.... Stop me if you've heard this...."That was not appropriate for my page." Huh? I'll admit I'm stumped by this statement, World. What's not appropriate to get off your chest on something which is designed for people to get things off their chest? Are we talking about the difference in opinions regarding religion? Or is it politics this time? Could it be for a more personally reason,e.g. he's fucking your ex-wife or she's telling everybody what you did when you were drunk at a party? Whatever, people. If Facebook can get you in trouble, which has been documented already as having some factual basis, then I dont think Facebook is for you.

My thing is this: For the most part, I know about 90% of my friends on Facebook aka these are real friends, people I actually have or had social interactions with besides chat pages. The rest are either business or I'm actually an admirer for either their skills on the mic, their athletism, or honestly, some women because they look good. But EVERYBODY in my friends list is not on the same page. I have Christians, Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses friends as far as religions; Democrats & Republician friends as far as politics concerned,etc. I could keep breaking down the differences but why; my point is clear: all parties involved will have differences so try to respect my other friends. If I delete anything off my page it's not because it offended me but it could a offend one of my friends. I could care less personally.

Facebook People make even the simplest shit complicated. If you dont like what I post on MY page, stay off my page! If you still feel what i got on my page is bothering you, unfriend me! That would teach me; causing me to loose sleep over the fact you're not being all up in my business no more. That's why I have business in the first place; just for people like yall to be all up in it. Get the fuck outta here. No, this is why I have this blog, so you dont have to AND I can roast your ass while you not listen! But the World is, aint you World? You feel me. I could explain more, but my stupid ass supervisor with nothing else better to do is rushing me out the dorr. Holla back world!

Goodbye, For 5 Days.

Hello, World. This is probably the last thing I do before I have surgery later today, so I'll get as much of what I'm thinking on this blog as I can. & here we go.
2010 is in high gear and I still got nothing but good feelings about this year despite the happenings. If you've been under a rock for the last week or so, we've heard nuthing but bad news. The worst news is Haiti after getting hit with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, leaving hundreds of thousands feared dead. One of my closest friends is from there & I know other Haitians as well. My prayers go out to all who have been affected by this natural diaster.
This morning, I also found out Teddy Pendergrass had passed away at the age of 59. While this doesn't affect me personally, I mean I didn't know him personally, it does affect me beacuse I grew up with his music; I would hear at least one of his songs a day almost everyday since I was a kid.
Well, with all that said I guess this is goodbye til at the earliest monday. (I know right, like WTF!?!?! Is that all I had to say? Naw. I gotta put another post up anyway. All of a sudden I feel like RantingNRaving & THROWing a couple of people UndaABUS! Next post next.)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Neverending Story

Hello, World! First things first before the topic at hand.
Yeah, World, I'm in a much better mood today than yesterday. Auntie Alberta's passing kinda knocked the wind out of me. When my parents passed, I knew it was coming. I got a chance to spend time with both of 'em before they left this here world for the next one. With Auntie, it was a sudden nosedive in her health that took her; I only found out yesterday morning & was planning to see her once I got off work. I should have just went to go see her when I heard, World. I promise I'm mad at myself for being myself; I chose to continue to work until quitting time & THEN go visit. Best laid plans, etc. I've come to terms now so everything is back to me being Bizzee as usually. Thanks to all for the prayers & support. Now, moving on.

Now... It's the Neverending Story: Everytime you wanna do something, anything, there's always some obstacle with nothing else better to do than stand in your path. It really bothers me when it's other people trying to block your blessings. I know so many people with their hands out right now, I'd swear nobody was hiring. World, you know there's a job out here for everybody who wants one. I met my girl Tara at her job at a major grocery chain about 3 years ago. Since that time she has worked at least 4 other jobs & she is still employed by the grocer. Of course, she's able to pass drug test easy, since she doesn't do anything. Me, hell, I've been on the same job since 2002; before that I worked the same job from 1996 up until 2002. My whole adult life I've had a job even though I've been smoking marijuana since age 10, feel me. Apparently, some jobs pay better than others & I probably could get a higher paying job with the skills that I have, but why would I leave a job were I have security and freedom (to a certain extent) for a job where I couldn't indulge myself in my one bad habit? OK, World, maybe marijuana is MY obstacle, but I'm happy to have this obstacle AND it's not slowing me down from taking care of my business. This is where the problem lies. Anytime you are not taking care of business, then you are doing something wrong and it's probably costing someone else some money. Why I still feel bad for people like that I can't explain. Make no mistake about it: I do feel bad for 'em.... I just can't do nuthing for 'em, man. World, it's called tough love.
MY OPINION: You feed a stray cat, it'll keep coming back. If an eight year old kid can collect cans for some change, you grown ass babies should feel ashamed of yourselves. I'm ashamed of people (myself included) who feed these sorry ass individuals who apparently lack all kind of respect for themselves for not wanting anything for themselves. If you have no wants for nothing, how can you consider yourself alive?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Alberta Thompson, RIP.

World, I dont know what to tell you. Just when I feel like I got everything under control... Exactly 2 years & 2 days after my father, Anthony Hardy, passed away, I lose another member of my family on my father's side. My aunt Alberta Thompson passed away from complications of old age today. Even though I dont get in touch with my emotions like that, much less speak or put them out there in any form. I'm at a loss for words. For one thing, even though my Aunt was pushing 90 HARD!, she was still one of the healthiest people I knew. So it comes to me as a shock that this is the last time I'll get to see her til it's my time.... Most of the people who know me think I dont believe in God; that's simply not true. I believe... I believe... See, this is the problem. I do believe there is a higher power; I have no idea what else to believe in besides that. There has got to be something out there more than us, but how much more & where does it end, I don't know & care less to think about. I just know that most of the religous crap that comes out people mouth these days is all based on what somebody else told them. Nobody KNOWS & for anybody trying to explain their view or convert people to their view, all that does is turn those people with little faith away & give people with a lot of faith more useless ammunition to aim at the former group, pushing them further away..... I say all of this because my Aunt really did have a way of explaining to me her view on religion & I believe that my view reflects this. She believed, so I believed & still believe right along with her. And I'm still right along with her until I really join her. Feel me, World?

Smokkee's Agenda Revealed!!!!

World, I'm ready to let everybody in on the haps with me for this year. No I am not leaving journalism. I will admit I haven't been writing articles lately; I'm trying to get into the blog thing, & the Twitter thing, & the Facebook thing, but doing all three has been a chore. It's finally under control, though. Now, I can move on to the other aspects of what do I want out of this year. People, you gotta ask yourself that question. Living life with no ambitions is just wasting breath that somebody else with more than negativity to contribute to this society (or our world, World!) could be using.
So, what is it exactly that I want out of 2010? The main (professional) goals of this year are the following:

1.) Get out of debt.
2.) Put out as many helpful articles as I can.
3.) Start my sports-related talk show,"Sportfellas".
4.) Launch an online website featuring the latest news & other info from Chicago.
5.) Open an all entertainment club.
6.) Promote as many geniunely great things & people as I can (move over Oprah!)

Basically that's it, that's all in a nutshell. If you heard it from me, it's got to be good. World, I won't lead none astray anymore. You got my word on that.

Facebook (Monday Morning, 01/11/10)

Now that my personal announcements are out the way (well, the main announcement anyway), let's get back on business. Facebook is definitely a gift & a curse. I've got in contact with almost everybody I knew from grammar & high school and some of my people from the University of Phoenix. I haven't found any classmates from Devry or Computer Learing Center except for the ones I also went to grammar school with. I probably wont find more from them days, because Smokkee was an alcoholic then; even in class I was slapped! I can't think of not one other classmates name not even the ones I was, uh, well you know. What's so crazy is I still remember what I learned from them days even though I was as drunk as Ned the Wino from Sanford & Son. What can I say: I was a dog that buried my bone alot & forgot where I put them alot. I dont feel like one these days, of course, everybody has their own opinions.
Then, last week on Facebook, there was a lot of weird postings going up. Some people posted a color, others posted a number. Confusing to say the least, when all was over, come to find out that these weird posts (which I wont explain) were all for good causes. That fact that it was a women's only thing doesn't matter; Facebook can do some good things besides reconnect people from your past.
Facebook isn't all gravy. There are Facebook facts popping up all over to back this up. Articles regarding Facebook & relationships, Facebook & divorce, Facebook & infidelity,etc, are all out here to do...what exactly do these articles do? Obvisously, it is not detering anybody from Facebook. It is not slowing down cheating, or divorce, or infidelity, etc because this stuff has been running rampant since before Facebook. Yet, because Facebook makes things so much more easier it will get broadcasted as such. Also, there are various aps that get frowned upon by your Facebook "friends",aps such as Naked Truth (I SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE!). Lately, this ap that sends pillows to people's pages has taken a lot of flak as well.
My Opinion: Take Facebook (or Myspace or Twitter or BlackPlanet or any social website like these examples) for what it is worth. We all know who our real friends are...even if we don't have any! Dont make the mistake of misinterpreting anything that goes on as anything else. Facebook is just another website & websites can be addicting, damaging, informative, misleading, cause for celebration or the cause of lot of confusion. In other words, it's just like everything else on this planet, World. Dont let it go to your head.

Aunt Alberta (Monday Morning, January 01/11/10)

Hello, World! Isnt it a great day to be alive?! Honestly, I'm in a good mood but I shouldn't be. I got surgery this week in the same hospital where my Aunt Alberta Thompson is a patient in a hospice. Alberta is the oldest member of my father's side of my familia; my father, Anthony Hardy, passed 2 years and 3 days ago exactly from today. Without either one of them, I probably will never find my other relatives. OK so I'm being negative & I'm lying a little. As long as I breathe, I have a will & WHERE THERE'S A WILL... yall know the rest anyway. I will admit I am in touch with my other relatives on my dad's side, I'm just not as 'accustomed' to them, feel me? I mean, we're related, but I barely know them. I generally grew up around my mother's people, only visited my dad's fam on a once or three times a year basis, depending on the year we're talking about. I'm pretty sure in some of their eyes, I am still a stranger. For the most part, I agree. But with Auntie Alberta, I've had a chance to spend numerous times with her; I stayed right around the corner from her off & on, mostly on, since 1997. Her son Larry (my cousin) is another person besides my dad & his mom that I really know, that I feel acquanted with, since I been around him just as long as Alberta. I also feel close to my other Thompson cousins, Steve (the minister), Lowell (the author), & Kerry (the painter). They aren't strangers to me either & have embraced me with open arms. The rest I've met during various gatherings. The last gathering I believe was Pop's funeral. I dont think I've seen anybody since & unfortunately, that may be changing soon. I'll be happy if it doesn't, you feel me, but one has to look at everything with a sense of truth; another funeral may be right arouond the corner....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 05, 2010: Morning

Hello, World! I'm feeling a lot of different feelings this morning. For one, I'm taking high blood pressure pills & usually I get a little dizzy from that so I'm used to that but I'm also a little tired from staying up late. Why I wanted to watch "I'm Gonna Get You Sucka" at 1 in the morning is beyond me. I wound up going to bed about 4, getting back up at 6:30 and I've been down at Comet's base since 8. The weird feeling is I feel like a cheating husband right now. In a sense, I guess I am. I've always wanted to be a journalist or author & I finally am one. The funny thing is since starting a page on MySpace, Twitter, & Facebook, I haven't wrote anything. Now that I've got this blog, I dont know when the next article is going to be wrote. I don't even know what I want to write about either. I'll probably think of something soon and get it published before the end of the day. Trying to find something to give me a jump. Where's the Red Bull & Svedka at? Oh shit, I forgot I was at work & but it's all good. Everybody here knows I don't drink alcohol, um, like that. Regardless, the phones will be off the hook in a minute & I wanna be up for 'em. I will be somehow. Other than that, I feel like ranting but gimme another 20 or 30 minutes before anything else happens.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Job Hunt 2010

My buddy Bear just posted this on Facebook (BTW: Thanks, Bear! Somebody should benefit from this info.)

The following companies are hiring. Check it out....

At& of section/100/jobsearch

Forest Preserve of Illinoisagency.governmentjob.comUnited States of

YMCA www.ymcachgo.orgUnion Pacficwww.Uni...on Pacfic.jobcareers/apply



Nicor Gas nic1002/jobboard/list jobs

Metra Rail www.metrarail.comExelonwww.exelon./com/careers/jobserach

Fed Ex

Facebook, Part 2

World, sorry for the lie I just posted. There WILL still be sorta negative outbursts on Facebook. I know, after that last blog entry WTF?, but it can't be avoided. See, World, I wouldn't be doing my job making Us better if I allowed certain things to continue, like certain FB friends who do nothing but lie on Facebook! I promise, World, I'd vomit after each of their posts if I had a weak stomach. Make it so bad, those FBers are pretty tame compared to the so-called big people Facebook campus. You know, no social interaction what so ever, except Facebooking. Got the nerve to wanna make it seem like their better than somebody when they aint got their own _________ (feel free to write whatever you want right here; they probably dont have one of whatever it is. AND, how about, naw, I'll save the rest for facebook when I get a chance, World.

Posting On Facebook

Hello again, World! I hope all is well w/you (or is it on you?). Whatever, World. It doesn't matter, really; we'll make it right or die trying. I'm sorta working on it right now & I'm starting w/ my actions on facebook. Even though I haven't done anything wrong on facebook per se except that Naked Truth incident (Oh BTW: F--k a Naked Truth!), I dont think I've been a good Facebook friend. Why? Well, some of the post I have put up have been EXTREMELY negative. What can I say, World? I get mad really easy. I guess that's why my blood pressure be so high. In my defense, IT DONT BE ME, WORLD! Please believe me. I get phone calls @ work regarding the dumbest shit. Case in point: "Hey, Smokkee. What you doing? Oh, you're at work? Oh. I didn't want nothing just to see what you're doing. Is everybody cool down there at the job?" I reply "Yeah" to a former co-worker who knows EXACTLY how hectic it can get in the office. "That's great to hear. Say, what are you doing right now?" WTF?!?! If that doesn't aggreviate me like scratching a chalkboard, I dont know what does. let me correct that: I do know what aggreviates me and people like that are on the list, along with...well, that's another reason I started this blog, you see. What does this have to do with facebook? IMO, facebook is a positive place. I found lots of friends & family that I haven't talked to in years; why would I want to bore them w/ my grievances after just getting reaquainted? I know, I know, I've been a bad friend but that changes now. From now on, I will only post positive info on facebook (besides the music & other stuff I feel needs attention). All negative outbursts will be posted on my blog and more than likely, WTF File Updates & Throw'EmUndaABus Updates will probably be posted on Twitter. Of course, my blog won't be ALL negative but for all my ranting and raving will be on here, for a better or worse. Sorry, World. That's the way its gotta be if we are going to change anything w/you. Ok, w/me too.

A WTF?!?! File Update: My ME Time! 01/04/10

Hello, World! Yep, I'm back work again, which means I got more things to complain about. Again. You know, somethings I was constantly complaining about wont ever change, so I wont ever stop complaining about 'em. Case in point: my cellphone. People, if I work at McDonalds, do you really think I want anything McDonald-y when I get off work? If I worked in a Music store, even though I LOVE music, do you think I wanna here any once I get off work? I might, but please believe me I would get tried of it quickly. My point is this: I work on the phone all day long, starting in the AM & stopping in the evening, so when I get off work, either I cuts my celly off or (and I know some people wil get mad about this) I will look at my cellphone ringing like I dont understanding what it is it's trying to tell me. ESPECIALLY over the weekend. Whenever I'm off work, that's me time. If you dont know what me time is, try to find some then reread this blog. See, if I know a person is calling & basically doesn't want anything special, then them & whatever it is can wait til Monday's business hours to get in contact w/me. Otherwise, leave a voicemail. OK, OK. So I dont even check my voicemails on a regular basis but leave one anyway; If I think it's an emergency, I'll check it. World, it's 2010 & we dont have time for any nonsense, especially any nonsense during my me time.