Friday, April 14, 2017

2016-17 Bulls Fans Celebrating A First Round Exit.

Hello, WORLD!! The NBA's regular season just ended this past Wednesday with very little surprises. The biggest surprise is Cleveland didn't finish the regular season as the best team in the Eastern Conference this year. That was a surprising Boston Celtics team that seems to have gotten back on track after missing the mark for these past few years when Doc Rivers went to coach CP3 and Company.

There was one other shocker in my opinion and that's the fact that my hometown team, the Chicago Bulls, made the Playoffs. In a season full of very little highs, few middles and mostly lows, they've beat the odds and made it to the Playoffs. And they're going to lose in the first round handedly.

The Bulls biggest problem even before we get to the first game of the series is identity. Do you know who these Bulls are? I doubt it. They don't know who they are, which has been a huge issue since Fred Hoiberg unnecessarily took over the coaching reigns from Tom Thibodeau in 2015, a move which seemed equally awfully familiar and just plain awful, a distinction that Hoiberg is familiar with now. 

This Bulls team swept the defending NBA Champion Cavaliers but couldn't beat a New York Knickerbocker team that may be more dysfunctional then they are. They say they wanted to get younger at the offset of the season, trading Chicago's very own Derrick Rose in the process to prove it, then turn around and sign guards Rajon Rondo and Dwayne Wade
, both guards being older than Rose. They say they're not rebuilding, yet they trade a fan favorite in Taj Gibson and a young player who has shown flashes of potential in Doug McDermott. 

And nowhere has Bulls management been as clueless as to how they've been handling their new marquee player, Jimmy Butler. First he's the franchise, then he's on the trading block and they kept the rumor high key enough that Mr Buckets heard these rumors all season? And ironically the team that would've been the most ideal place to trade Buckets to, for both Buckets and the Bulls organization, is a team that we first ticked off by stealing a win in the United Center this past February. The same team that we have to play in the first round. The Boston Celtics.

Like I said, I don't see us winning a game but if there has ever been a time I'd be happy to be proven wrong, it's right now.

Later, WORLD.