Friday, July 8, 2011

Why Did You Unfriend Me?

Hello, WORLD! Smokkee Singleton here. As y'all know, I was a big fan of Facebook last year but I am now more of a devoted Tweeter than anything these days. That doesn't mean I don't do Facebook anymore; it just means I do it a lot less. What's the worse thing that can happen to you on Facebook? Besides having someone expose you (for cheating on your spouse, stealing from your company, etc), the worse thing that can happen is your real life friends decide not to be FB friends with you anymore. Normally, I don't pay attention to my friend count. It fluctuates anyway because some of my friends deactivate their accounts anytime they get fed up with FB (to each their own, I guess). I'm not the only person who isn't as stuck on FB these days but I won't go to that extreme because I have friends & family I haven't seen in YEARS and I'll be damn if we lose contact with each other this time.
Recently, a former coworker of mine named Grant just lost his moms. I found out from another coworker. It kinda shocked me because I couldn't believe that I didn't hear nothing about it through FB. That's usually the kinda thing that would be (rather SHOULD be) all over people's pages instead of the dumb shit they post anyway (SN: WTF up with the shoes?). So I try to post my condolences on his page right? I get there & I don't see anything but ADD AS FRIEND on there. WTF?!?! Is he serious? Then I here from another coworker that he's mad at me because HE got fired & SMOKKEE (me) didn't. Again, I ask WTF?!?!? How can he get mad at me because our job let you go & didn't let me go when I work my ass off, doing all I can, and most of the time he was unavailable for customers to talk to? How can he get mad at me to the point he says "We're no longer friends!" over some stuff that I have no control over? I didn't fire him; in fact, I gave him a job on one of my blogs! But we're not friends, huh? Our daughters graduated from the same high school just 2 years ago & now we're not on speaking terms. I never, ever tripped on being dropped as a FB friend before this. More than likely, I won't ever trip about it. I'm actually not even tripping now. If I was, even just a little bit, I probably would've came to my senses with 1 or 2 thoughts. Either thought A: If we were really friends, why woulda came and talked to me about any beef like a man? Or thought B: If we never worked together, would he have been my friend in the 1st place? I can answer both of them with the same answer & that answer is the main reason why I'm disenchanted with FB right now: Because some FB friends are only your friends to be nosy, then when they don't want to be nosy no more, they unfriend you or or get themselves fired. I don't drop friends or fire people, but maybe I should. Besides, he was just my public FB page friend. he didn't even know he wasn't part of my real page. But he wasn't a real friend so of course he wouldn't know that, right? #SadButTrue... Anyway, if you know the Grant that I'm talking about & he's still you're real life or FB friend, send him my condolences. Peace, WORLD!!!