Monday, April 4, 2016

B is For Bandwagon (An #AToZChallenge post)

Who you got in tonight's NCAA Championship: North Carolina or Villanova?
Better question: is either one of those teams your original pick to win?

Even better question than that: have you ALWAYS supported one of these teams, no matter how bad they may have sucked at some point in your lifetime?

Excuse me if this post is a little brief. I'm tired after a weekend of barely any rest so this post won't take up much of my time or your time. To be honest, I'm so tired I really couldn't think of a good B post for this A To Z Challenge but I've been thinking about a couple of stupid arguments I've had recently on what it means to be a REAL fan. So I had to ask all of those questions to see if whether or not you too are a bandwagon, as I've been called recently, which is absolutely absurd.

There's two bits of info that you need to know about me before I continue. If you know anything about me, you know I'm a die hard Chicago BULLS fan. Through thick and thin, I'll ride with this team no matter what. I was a BULLS fan as long as I can remember and I'm still one to this day, even if I'm a little pissed we might not make the Playoffs right now but hey, I'll still be rooting for them next year. Ditto every other Chicago sport team because I love my city that much, even if I don't like certain sports like soccer and ice hockey our other teams play. If we win a championship like our NHL defending Champion BLACKHAWKS did last year, I'll still celebrate that but it won't mean as much to me as a BULLS championship does.

That other thing you need to know about me? I'm a gambler. I love making bets for profit but hell, I'll do it for bragging rights too. The reason I felt I had to say this second thing is what gambler you know only bets on one team? Not a very good one, I'd say.

Recently, I've been awed by the Golden State WARRIORS. How recent? I was singing their praises two years ago, when Mark Jackson was still their coach. And I said they were gonna win the Championship soon. And I was laughed at for that. Golden State the NBA Champs? Yeah right!

Then they won. And Curry went from All Star to Superstar just that quick. Now the Golden State bandwagon is overcrowded. But I got plenty of room where I'm sitting at since I didn't jump on their bandwagon at all in my opinion. I recognized them as a team on the rise and I called it as I saw it. Call it a gambler's hunch. I had one about the Seattle SUPERSONICS that same year they won the Super Bowl in 2014. I had one about Seattle when they lost the Super Bowl that next year too. I was still a fan this past season too and more than likely, I believe they'll avenge their playoff lost to the Carolina Panthers (another team that's had it's fair share of bandwagon jumpers this year too) but I never stopped rooting for my Chicago BEARS. And I predicted OKC was gonna win the Championship the year they made it to the NBA Finals. They would've proved me right if James Harden had bothered to show up that series but whatever.

When you're a gambler, riding with one team just because you like them is stupid as fuck. Excuse the language but yeah, it's seriously fucking stupid. You'd almost never win any bets. And riding with a team even though they constantly disappoint you is just as stupid BUT this is understandable because that means you're a die hard fan.

Which is also fucking stupid if you ask me.  

There is no such thing as lovable losers in sports. We call them bums. For instance, say you're a die hard CUBS fan. How does it feel to not have had a real reason to celebrate since, well, ever? It sucks, right? I know, I know. But hey, how about those New York Yankees, huh? You hate them, right? Just like everybody else in America, right? Well, everybody that's NOT from New York of course. Does hating a team that everybody already hates too make you a bandwagon jumper, even if you've hated this team forever? Does jumping from one bandwagon to another make you a bad sports fan or a fan of great sports teams? Why is it so wrong to root for more than one team at a time? Or is it wrong?

Get back to me on this will ya? Outta..