Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Work To Do (Deadline)

"Sometimes it may seem girl I'm neglecting you,
I'd love to spend more time.
But I got so many things to do" - The Isley Brothers

Hello, WORLD! Smokke Singleton here and I should be celebrating because I just turned 38 yesterday. But I'm not. Why? For one, I'm battling a nasty flu bug and I'm kinda twisted off this medication.  As soon as I recover though, I'm gonna party for at least for a few days. Hell, maybe a week.

Then for the most part my partying in 2013 will be done.

Everything for me can go back to normal 12/01/13. Maybe. Depends really on what I have accomplished at that point.

I won't drag this post out. Like I said in my previous post Happiness, 12/01/13 is a very important date to me. It will be 10 years to the day that my mother, Jeanette Singleton-Thomas, passed. For me to say that I'm not living for anybody's approval is the absolute truth these days but to say nobody's approval ever mattered to me would be an out right lie. Her approval mattered. Still does. I live my life with no regrets whatsoever but there's tons of stuff that I wish I could go back and change. My mom at one point was so proud of me. I messed all of that up being a typical young black male/knucklehead/dumbass growing up in Chicago. I made mistakes, no doubt. Too be honest, I didn't really see how messed up I was until after she had passed. So I made a point to make a better me. For the most part, I'm somebody my mother would be proud of again.

But she can't see that now, can she? (Religious people may beg to differ but blow it out yall asses!) So, what can I do now that she's not here? Well, my thinking is if I made a real success story of myself by 12/01/13 maybe I can atone for what I wasn't able to do when she was alive. I sound kinda stupid right? I'm human, I'm allowed to have some stupid beliefs. Nevertheless, I have to strive to be a success by that time or I'm gonna feel like I let her down for a 2nd time.

That's basically the thing. It's what's gonna push me to make this my best year ever. And really, that's all we can do, right WORLD? Catch yall later. I got work to do.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Funny (2/10/12)

"And it's funny you should call today..." - Gerald LeVert
Hello WORLD!!! Smokkee Singleton here. I gotta tell you about the dumbest security system I've ever encountered. This past Sunday, I was chilling at home with my family before the NBA games come on when suddenly my phone rings and I don't recognize the number but it's a local number so I answer. It's one of my coworkers Chucky, he's a little older but still a pretty cool white boy.

But why's he calling me out the blue though?

He goes "Ay Smokke. You're something like one of those mechanical geniuses right?" I go "Something like that. Yeah. Why? Waddup." He says "I just found an brand spanking new iPhone!"

Now he got my attention.

"You found a who?", just to make sure I heard him right.

 "I found a brand new iPhone. Not a scratch on it."

"You gotta cut that thing off man. If it cuts back on by itself, the owner had something set up so that he/she can get back ASAP."

"Oh, OK." He said he cut it off and it stayed off. That's one good sign.

 "OK So what are you trying to do with it?"

"Thats the problem! I can't do nothing with it. It's asking for a security code."

"Oh well, nothing you can do with it. Might as well try to find the owner. Who knows, you may get a reward for that." I reply with waning interest.

"That's the thing! I don't know how to figure out who's phone it is. Listen man, you're the techie. Can't you hack into or something?"

"Sure. I can do that for ya. No problem. You'll bring it to the job tomorrow, yeah?"

"I got one better. I'll be at your house in 20 minutes."

I guessed my relaxation period was quickly coming to an end. "..........OK. See you in 20."

Sure enough, Chuckie 's on the Southside of Chicago where I'm at about 20 minutes after that. He hands me the iPhone, and it's a beaut, alright. I'm assuming it's an iPhone 4 or 5, one of the ones I'm not to familiar with but no biggie. Can't be THAT different from the earlier models, I assumed. I hit the standby button and the first thing it's asking for is the security code, sure enough. I go ahead and try to gain entry with 2 quick default numbers, 4321 then when that didn't work 0000. No luck. I woulda tried another set of numbers but it might have locked the phone so I thought it might be best if I didn't try.

"So what are we gonna do, Smokke?"

For some reason, I don't know why I did it, I just held the button on the bottom of the phone. Guess who decides to speak up.

"Hello. I'm Siri." Yeah? I say "Siri, what's my passcode?" She says "I don't know you. Please..." yada yada yada something. I gotta try another route. I say "Siri, what's my name?" & she repeated that IDKY message. I then say "What's my mom's number, Siri?" and she reply's "Mom's number is..". WTF?!?!? I couldn't believe it was that simply to extract personal information from a locked phone just by talking to this CPU chick and it took all of 5 minutes to do this. Before I gave Chuckie back the phone, I go "Siri, I think I love you." She says "All you need is love. And iPhone!" In the end, Chuckie wound up turning it in and got a reward. And I wound up learning some new stuff.

Like never trust Siri. She'll turn on you in a minute if the right man sweet talks her.