Wednesday, March 28, 2012


HELLO, WORLD!!! I guess you're wondering where I been..... LOL!! I've been recharging my (writing) batteries. I haven't even worked on a short story or blog post since I completed posting my 101 goals on my SMOKKEE'S WORLD 101 blog ( More on that in tomorrow's post. Well, what's good? I just wanted to let everybody on Google + who supports me that nothing has happened to me, that I'm still alive & kicking, & that I won't be on break much longer. I'm recharged now and it has come at the right time too. Tomorrow, I got a lil crow to eat, #SadButTrue... Well, that's it for now, WORLD but make sure y'all catch me tomorrow on my SMOKKEE'S WORLD 101 blog for that crow eating I just mentioned. Hell, I might even throw in a movie review on my SMOKKEE'S WORLD FAVORITE'S blog too. I told y'all I was recharged! Dueces!